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With POLEPLACE your personal pole dance studio is always with you.
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about poleplace

Join us on our way to become the largest pole dance studio in the world.

+150 on demand videos to improve your pole dance skills

POLEPLACE was built for everyone interested in learning pole dance. Wether you’re a total beginner or have some experience. Learn at your pace with your own routine and find your

All you need, maybe even more

As a member of POLEPLACE, you get access to all of our high quality content. That’s more than 50 hours of video material and we have just started.

No matter which move you want to learn – we have them all. Ayesha, Chopsticks, Jade, Figurehead and many many more. All tutorials build upon our proven Floor-Stand-Air-Method, which helps you to learn every technique safely and fast.

Strength and flexibility are essential skills for pole dance. In our workout area, we have them both covered.

There are plenty of strength workouts, to improve different kinds of your muscularity. For a better grip, stronger legs, better core muscles or any other kind of body part, that needs enough power for all kinds of moves.

On the other hand, we’re going to work on your flexibility, which is essential for some of the hardest moves. Get a bendy back, work on your splits and master every move.

To improve your safety, which is one of our core values, it’s important to focus on your warm up and cool down routines. That’s why we have many different videos to choose from, before or after a training session with POLEPLACE.

You learned all those new moves with POLEPLACE, but what’s next? We’ve got something for you.

Use those moves in one of many different choreographies, that we created for you. To all kinds of music, wether it’s 90’s Rock, Hip Hop, a hyped Chartbanger or an all time classic.

Release: Q3/2022

How it works

Learning with POLEPLACE is easy. But we have some specials for you. ❤️

Floor, Stand & Air

You will learn all of our techniques safely and fast with our proven Floor-Stand-Air-Method. This method is the result of 10+ years of pole dancing experience with more than 2.000 real students.

You’ll have a safe start on the ground, getting in touch with the new technique, working your way to a standing position, until you show pride in the final air position.

Follow along in real time

Have you ever tried to learn a new technique from a instagram or youtube clip? Wasn’t very comfortable? Of course not. Pausing, skipping and pressing rewind is a waste of time and kills your flow.

With POLEPLACE you simply press play and let the magic happen. We even take the time to clean the pole together.

Create your own routine

With more than 150 on demand tutorials and more to come it can be a little bit overwhelming. For this reason, we created a way for you to highlight your favorite moves or to save them in different training routines.

Want to work on your weekly stretching skills? Just choose your routine and click play.

for every space, at any pace

It’s our mission, to bring the joy of pole dancing to the world. No matter where you life, make it your personal POLEPLACE.

Your Coach

Irina Mauch

  • 12+ years in the pole dance business
  • owner of a successful studio in germany
  • 4x German Champion / Pole Sport Double Elite
  • Participating national and international competitions


Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our UK launch. In return, you’ll get a big discount that’s well worth the effort.

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